Personal Training



Dear Viewer,

My goal as a personal trainer is to inspire others to make exercise a part of their lifestyle, to have a anticipation for their workouts by making fitness fun, and create programs that are ever-changing that will meet your fitness, health, and nutritional needs.  One of the best ways to stay enthusiastic about your fitness and that, in turn, will help you reach your goals is to keep your workouts fresh and new.  Thatís where I come in.  I began my career in 2004 and have loved the learning process all along the way.  Allow me to teach you how to workout so that it provides the maximum return for the goals that you have set for yourself. 

      The pursuit of wellness can be confusing.  There is always some new gadget or diet that offers magical solutions to your wellness needs. Television shows, newspaper articles, and infomercials bombard you with the latest exercise trends.  Let me say, there is no magic bean, bullet, or whatever gimmick that promises the easy way to what you want.

A healthy diet along with regular exercise is the only sure way to meeting your goals.

Quite often, attempts of enticement are driven my marketers that do not consider your true needs and your best interest.  Personalized training gives you an alternative to the mass marketing approach to your wellness goals. 

      My passion, business background, education, and experience with real people help me to keep clients on task and meet their goals.  I want you to know that I have been there; I have fought the battle of the bulge and won.  I will not lie to you, it wasnít easy and itís not a battle thatís over.  Everyday we make a choice.  Are we going to workout today?  Are we going to get that second helping?  Are we going to drink water instead of that soda?  All those questions that seem overwhelming to us at times donít have to be.  Let me help you with some of the challenges that we all face.  There is an old adage that says, ďYou canít stop the birds from flying over head, but you can stop them from making a nest in your hair.Ē  If you have someone there to encourage you with your workouts, your food choices during the week, and the motivation needed during the hard times then it just might give you that something extra that youíve been looking for.   

Something else that you might have been looking for is the attention required for success yet given in the privacy of my home.  So many people that I talked to throughout the years have shared that one on the reasons theyíve never used a personal trainer is the simple fact of embarrassment.  When you are in a gym setting and you have a trainer with you, usually people will watch to see what the trainer is having that person do.  Itís human curiosity.  But, that doesnít ease the discomfort of the one who could be overweight or simply insecure about people watching them do strenuous activities.  So many of my clients have shared that theyíve enjoyed their workouts that much more knowing no one will be watching them, maybe that would help you. 

      To get results, I will need your cooperation, enthusiasm, and steady attendance commitment.  We will work as a team, giving 100% effort.  That doesnít mean I will work you until there is nothing left every workout.  Tell me how you feel, ask questions, and any concerns that you might have.  This is your program and will only work when you are actively involved.  In discussing your situation, needs, and preferences, I pledge to work so that these needs and desires are satisfied.  I canít wait to reveal your transformation.


With hopes of meeting you soon,


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Kristiva Smith